Our Story

Sagres has been considered Sacred since the Celts. Its name derives from Latin “Sacrum” – Sacred. It is the place where land ends and the sea begins. At the tip of Portugal’s southwestern coast, Continental Europe does not get any deeper than this into the Atlantic Ocean.

With its pure Atlantic waters, almost untouched by human pollution, with its strong oceanic currents and powerful waves crashing against the rocky coastline, the Sea of Sagres is Finisterra´s chosen location to farm mussels offshore; a species that is autochthonous to this region since the dawn of times. These are the fundamental reasons why we decided to settle Finisterra in Sagres ten years ago, in November 2010.

Pure untamed Atlantic waters

The Sagres Sea waters are classified “A”, the highest standard for Sea Water quality. Unlike most mussels available commercially, our mussels do not require any form of depuration – they are ready for human consumption the moment they are harvested from the sea.

The finest nutrients

The Sagres Sea waters, untamed and challenging, are exposed to and benefit from the strong oceanic underwater currents, rich in phytoplankton and nutrients. As a filtering organism, our mussels get all these nutrients, and so will you. Our mussels have a high content of zinc, iron, iodine and other minerals, and vitamins A and B12. They are a fantastic source of protein, low in calories and low in fat.

High iodine content

This part of the Atlantic Ocean, the Algarve´s seashore, at the mouth of the Mediterranean Sea, has high levels of iodine that improve and will enhance your flavor experience.


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