Our Story

Sagres has been considered Sacred since the Celts. Its name derives from Latin “Sacrum” – Sacred. It’s the place where land ends and the sea begins. At the tip of Portugal’s southwestern coast, Continental Europe does not get any deeper than this into the Atlantic Ocean.

With its pure pristine waters, almost untouched by human pollution, with its strong oceanic currents and powerful waves crashing against the rocky coastline, it is the ideal/perfect location to farm mussels off-shore; a species that is autochthonous to this region since the dawn of times. These are the fundamental reasons why we decided to settle Finisterra in Sagres ten years ago, in November 2010.

Today, as we watch our mussels grow sustainably off the coast of Sagres, suspended on old recycled fishing ropes that have merged so perfectly with nature that they’ve created a new artificial reef that attracts countless forms of marine life, including several different species of fish, shrimps, crabs, octopuses, dolphins, and even the odd whale, we know we made the right decision.

Our Process

Our organic mussels are farmed off the coast of Sagres, situated in the Southwest corner of the Algarve (Portugal). They grow in a natural environment on long ropes in the open sea. The vast quantities of heathy nutrients (phytoplankton) brought to the surface by the strong oceanic currents foster a unique biodiversity and provide the basis for natural and healthy breeding. Our organic certified mussel farm interacts carefully and responsibly with the resources of the sea.

Once harvested from the open sea, our organic mussels are transported to the traditional fishing harbor, Porto da Baleeira, Sagres, located three nautical miles from the farm. This short distance enables us to maintain very high levels of freshness. Upon arrival at the port, our mussels are washed and cleaned with pristine sea water, calibrated, selected and gently steam-cooked in their own sea water.

Unlike most mussels commercially available, our mussels do not require any form of depuration – they are ready for human consumption the moment they are harvested from the sea. 

Our entire process is ASC certified since 2020, and we are the first and only Mussel ASC Certified Farm in continental Europe.


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